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"Design Pattern Foundation" is a project which aims to provide abstract implementations to most common software development everyday's problems.

It contains an abstract set of classes in order to implement software design patterns in a unified way. That is any one can be managed using less specialized code in an easy-to-scale, mantain and improve metaphor.

Because of nowaday's applications are oriented to user interaction, "Design Pattern Foundation" has a first-class implementation to Model-View-Controller meta-paradigm.

In the end, everything works on Microsoft's .NET Framework taking advantage and compatibility of and with its lastest features like LINQ or lambda expressions.

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Other considerations

  • This project is completely open sourced with a Apache License 2.0 scheme.
  • You can distribute, modify, enhance or study it in your own way.
  • It is provided "as-is" without official waranty.
  • It can be forked, but we don't provide documentation, waranty or support of any kind to external projects.

About the author

The original fork is being developed by Matías Fidemraizer, a 25-years-old software developer living in Girona, Spain.

Because software and creativity are vocational and professional for him, this project has been published for everyone thinking on sharing his knowledge.

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